Sweet Station- A daily dose of art

Sweet Station is an image-based blog I have been following for several years. Sweet Station is curated by several art enthusiasts out of the New York and New Jersey area. They describe their mission as one of inspiring other creative people and collaborating with other artists. I enjoy this blog because of the novelty of the subjects they post and for the diversity of the posts. Posts range anywhere between landscape photography to comics to strange innovations much like those we worked on in class. Sweet Station includes “art, architecture, advertising, photography, product design” and with each post, offers a link where one can find more information about the artist or creator. The blog is arranged so that you can scroll through a single column of images. Each post usually consists of 3-5 images and a small block of text. This quality helps keep the blog navigable but does somewhat encourage people to scroll through the posts rather quickly. In my experience, Sweet Station succeeds with its mission; I often use the blog for inspiration even when I am not working on an art piece.

giulface_da_by_jw_jeong-d6g61pr_zpsbdd2c682 One of the first things that really attracted  me to Sweet Station was the amount of portraiture they posted. I’ve always loved portraits and the stories they tell about their subject. This image is of painter Joongwon Charles Jeong. His portraits are unbelievably realistic while also retaining a painterly quality. I appreciate how Sweet Station included this photo of Jeong along with examples of his work. This image shows the scale and complexity of his paintings.

tumblr_n9os92nWay1qccpz7o6_1280_zpsad2ca16bI mentioned my appreciation for the diversity of Sweet Station’s subject matter. This post featured a collection of embroidered landscapes by artist Sophia Narrett. I think this piece, and her work in general, is beautiful.  love how rich the colors here are and the way she used her medium of yarn to draw attention to itself (by including the loose bits). The detail of the work is gorgeous and the “strokes” of yarn resemble paint strokes.

 14684862446_832caba726_b_zpse2f6083d 14684862376_364064c25a_b_zps7bfd22a8  This piece is called ‘Apex Predator‘ and is by Dominic Young and Mariana Fantich. This piece exemplifies how uniquely curated Sweet Station is. The seamless way the shoes become gums and teeth is unsettling in a great way. You can just imagine the clacking sound those teeth would make on the ground if this pair of shoes is worn. This piece is so wonderfully whimsical but well made enough that it is grounded in reality.


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