Biggest Impact

I will take away what I learned about the various artists we discussed this quarter. I especially was impacted by one of the most recent artists we learned about, Ai Wewei. The documentary we watched in section was very moving besides being informational. I had heard of Weiwei previously but will now make sure to follow him and his actions and others making similar efforts.

I also enjoyed learning about all of the various performance artists we’ve covered in class, especially the more avant garde ones like the feminist artists that used their own anatomy in their work.


Yes Men

I think that sometimes the Yes Men’s pieces might completely go over people’s heads, especially those people who the Yes Men target. I don’t think the piece we watched in class really efficiently changed anything but pieces like the one they did on the Bhopal disaster at least help raise awareness about the issues that they focus on. 

As for the idea of “faux fiction,” I think that all art is a form of this. Pablo Picasso said something similar, explaining that art is a lie that brings us closer to the truth. I agree with this sentiment. As an English major, I feel like this also applies to literature which is “made-up” but offers us invaluable truths about the human condition. 

I think the Yes Men’s antics work in their favor; they are able to shock their audience and entertain them which is a great way for them to make their point come across. 

Personal space projects reflection

Personally, my favorite piece was Karen’s project. Karen occupied the UCEN and would sit down and sketch someone she found interesting, write them a note on the sketch explaining that she was in an art class and working on an art project, and then go up to her subject and hand them the sketch. I can imagine how her subjects reacted to this. Karen mentioned that some people left the area before she had the chance to hand them their sketch which is unfortunate. My suggestion would be maybe to sit closer to her subject so she can easily catch up with them if they suddenly leave. Karen’s piece was my favorite because she was doing what she loved (drawing) and was able to pass that on to her audience. I thought that was an interesting interaction. 


My personal space piece went very well. I had two main highlights;  when someone from inside the Career Center came out and gave me a new washcloth to use as mine had gotten very soiled and another time when I greeted a passing student in Russian and she was wildly taken aback and asked how I had known that she spoke Russian. The other main interaction I experienced was at the beginning of my piece when a man came out of the Counseling Center seeming concerned. I explained what I was doing and he went back inside and explained to others there. People began coming out and interacting with me. 

24 Reflection

I did not have a lot of time to waste so I didn’t spend too much time online. I did fall asleep earlier than I predicted and woke up later. I also spent more time going to Kmart to purchase the apron for my personal space project than I thought I would. I spent a lot more time on going from place to place than I would like to think. I spent more time on things like showering and cleaning than I included in my log. 


10 a.m. Wake up. Read emails, Facebook, the internet. Order Breakfast.

11 a.m. Shower. Eat breakfast. 

12 p.m. Get ready for class, go to class. 

1 p.m. Sit in lecture. 

2 p.m. Get out of class, take housemate to Student Health. 

3 p.m. Wait for housemate at Student Health.

4 p.m. Get out of Student Health and go do reading. 

5 p.m. Go to class. 

6 p.m. Leave class. Do reading.

8 p.m. Reading. 

9 p.m. Go to Kmart to get supplies for personal space project. 

10 p.m. Reading. 

11 p.m. Outline first essay.

12 a.m. Sleep.

1 a.m. Sleep. 

2  a.m. Sleep.

3 a.m. Sleep. 

4 a.m. Sleep. 

5 a.m. Sleep. 

6 a.m. Sleep.

7 a.m. Wake up. Order Breakfast. Get dressed. 

8 a.m. Get ready for presentation, eat breakfast. Set up for presentation. 

9 a.m. Start performance. 

10 a.m. Perform. 

11 a.m. Finish performance.



Ten, Twenty into the Future

In ten years I will be living in Seattle and working at the creative department of an advertising firm. I will be living in a high-rise apartment with a view of the busy streets below. I will be planning an extensive trip abroad that I will take on my fortieth birthday. I will have published or will be close to publishing my first nonfiction book. I will have fallen in love. I will have become financially independent enough to support my family. 

In twenty years I will be living in New York City and have further developed my advertising and publishing career. I will have written another couple of books and be working on a fourth. I will have gone on my trip abroad I will begin pursuing my small business dreams, opening restaurants, a flower shop, and a clothing store. I will have fallen in love again. I will not get married and if I decide to have children, I will adopt.